Tarabya British Schools


Multinational Global School

TBS is the pioneer in Turkey that combines the Turkish national curriculum and British national curriculum. All subjects, except for Turkish Language and Cultural lessons are taught in English. Our students get an amazing opportunity to enter universities and colleges all around the world.

Our international qualifications are part of the international educational curriculum offered by the University of Cambridge in more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries. Cambridge International Education qualifications are recognised as excellent preparatory training for international University education.

TBS operates at 2 wonderful campuses:

  • Tarabya Middle & High School Campus
  • Yenik√∂y Primary School Campus

Tarabya British Schools:

  • Private Tarabya British International Schools
  • Private Tarabya Anatolian High School
  • Private Tarabya Middle School
  • Private Tarabya Primary School and pre-school institutions.
Tarabya British Schools